Pike and Perry Townships
Coshocton County Ohio

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View from Broomstick Cemetery
Land once owned by M. Cochran

19th Century log structure in West Carlisle
1872 Platt Map - Blacksmith Shop

Pike Township Hall
Original Lot was Thomas Kanavel, Carpenter

Site of Old Gault's Mill
Originally built by Frederick Zollars

Last school in West Carlisle
Original Lot was David Lawson, Weaver

19th Century Structure
Cullison's Ridge, near Pigman's Farm

Welcome to Bonnie and Kelley's Pike and Perry Townships, Coshocton County, Ohio, research site. Here you will find links to pages that we created to share what we have unearthed. We are blessed to live near a library with many Coshocton sources. We are also within driving distance to visit and roam where my ancestors once lived. We cannot impress on you enough, that if you have the chance to visit this area - you should! You will meet some of the most wonderful people and gain a whole new perspective on your family tree. Nearly all of the remaining families left in this area have roots dating back to when the land was first settled. The older folks have stories to tell and are more than happy to share. We are amazed at the closeness we feel to the people of West Carlisle. Take the time and journey home. We promise you will not be sorry!

In June, 2002, we traveled to Coshocton to locate the “Friendship Quilt” Florence Mikesell writes of in her book, Our Yesterdays in West Carlisle. The quilt was donated to the Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum, Roscoe Village, by Mrs. Mikesell, and contains the names of the thirty-six crafters that sewed the quilt as a wedding gift for Margaret Moore Crawford, 1862. Mrs. Mikesell names but two. We wanted to see if our 2nd great-grandmother, Jane Binger, had participated in the quilt. The quilt was not on display, however, the staff graciously located it once they heard our reason. It was very overwhelming to see all of the women’s names, especially that of our Jane Binger. Many of these women’s husbands, brothers and sons were off fighting the Civil War at the time the quilt was crafted. Some never returned home. With all of the emotions we were experiencing, we volunteered to compile a historical sketch so that the women of the quilt’s lives could take their rightful place in history. Once completed, we will send the sketch to the museum to accompany the quilt.
Below are the women’s names, in the order they appear on the quilt, with the spelling on the quilt. The signatures appear to be in the same handwriting and the penman may have not known how to spell the surnames correctly. Several squares have a piece of paper attached to them with the crafters actual signature as supplied to the penman. The background for this website is taken from a photograph of the "Friendship Quilt" crafted by the families of West Carlisle. The Women of the Quilt are:

Merry Billman Jane Welling Jennie McGruder Ella Moore S. M. Cochran Lorena Roney
Maria McShea Tillia McKey Frank Kanavel Mary Gault Julia McKee Arrie Cochran
Mollie Kanavel Mrs. Jane Cummings Mary Moore Mary A. McDowell Mary J. Baird S. E. Dunlap
Bell McKey E. J. White Jane Garner N. E. Forrest
A. Redd
Telegraph Office
South Branch W. VA.
Maria Gault Phoebe White
Mrs. C. Lovetta Maggie Crawford M. E. Baughman Rachie Welling S. S. Edwards Lee Bonnett
J. E. Bonnett Jane Binger Agusta M. Diven Sinda Gault Sallie Welling Julia A. White

" 1862 Friendship Quilt"

West Carlisle, Ohio
The Coshocton Age, July 6, 1866
"The Quilting"
The day is set, the ladies met,
And at the frame are seated:
In order plac'd, they work in haste,
To get the quilt completed.
While fingers fly, their tongues they ply,
And animate their labors,
By counting beaux, discussing clothes,
Or talking of their neighbors.

Pike and Perry Links
West Carlisle Cemetery, Pike Twp.
Pages 1-6 and 14-19 complete. Pages 7-13 coming next vacation.
Pictures of actual headstones and inscriptions.

West Carlisle - Her Citizens and History
Historical Information, Occupations, Platt Map

Winding Fork Cemetery, Perry Twp.
Small cemetery located outside of West Carlisle, Ohio
Pictures of actual headstones and inscriptions.

Goshen Cemetery, Perry Twp.
Earliest Church/Cemetery in Perry Twp.
Pictures of actual headstones and inscriptions.

Wilson Cemetery, Perry Twp.
To be completed next vacation (hopefully).

122nd OVI Roster - Civil War
Many soldiers in this company were from Pike and Perry Townships.

More info on the 122 OVI
List of Battles and dates.

Battle Descriptions
Historical overview of the battles the 122nd OVI fought in. List of casualties,
Commanders, and pictures from the National Archives.

80th OVI Civil War
Many soldiers were from Pike and Perry Townships.

Early Land Patents - Pike and Perry Townships
Early Land owners arranged by date

Coshocton First Edition
Listing of Village Officials and Township Trustees - this link will take you to another website.

Hill's History Of Coshocton County,Ohio, It's Past and Present,1740-1881

Major John Cessna III
Family Genealogy Site.

Billman Genealogy
Family Genealogy Site.

Family Genealogy Site.

George Washington Kanavel
Family Genealogy Site.

McKee, Oxley, McDowell, Stewart
(Perry Township) Families Genealogy Site.

Billman, Baughman, Ashcraft, Anderson, McKee, Van Winkle
Family Genealogy Site

Family Genealogy Site

Lyons, McGruder/Magruder, Lakin, Henderson, McKee, Cochran
Family Genealogy Site

Westlake, Watson, Baughman, Dunlap, Magruder, Henderson, Hughs, Roney, Preston
Family Genealogy Site

Family Genealogy Site (*Excellent site)

Our Yesterdays in West Carlisle
By Mrs. Florence Mikesell
Available at Johnson-Humerickhouse Museum
Roscoe Village, Coshocton, Ohio

A definite must-read if you have roots in this area!

Who's Who? Help identify classmates!

West Carlisle School 1911-1912
Photo Submitted by Lonnie Totten
E-mail us if you can identify anyone in this picture!
Arla (Berry) Totten is 2nd row - far right
Click here to see full-sized photo in the scrapbook

Bonnie diligently researching in
the land yacht, Summer 2002.

Kelley scouring microfilm in Coshocton.

Sharing the passion with
the younger generation.

Our youngest learning about his Binger lineage.

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