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West Carlisle Cemetery
Pike Township, Coshocton, Ohio
Row 15 Counting from the back of the cemetery.
Starting at the fence, walking up to the driveway

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White, Mary
Wife of J
Former w/o Robert Lyons
June 5, 1851
Broken - Many pieces

White, Mary
Bottom half

Hopper, Samuel

October 12, 18__ 1825-1840 Style Stone

Hopper, Robert
April 2, 1840

Cain, Jane D.
Wife of Thomas
Dau of S&M Hopper
May 26, 1831

Henderson, Jane
Wife of William
July 2, 1874

Henderson, William
Full Length Photo

Henderson, William
May 21, 1866

Sacred to the Memory of
Mrs. Arabella the beloved wife
of Mr. William Henderson
departed this December 26, 1886
39y, 3m, 9d

(McKee/Magruder), William Thomas
Son of Thomas & Arabella
Dec 3, 1834 -y/4m/-d
Magruder, Hugh Arbeuthenot
Son of Wm & Elleaner
Inscription indicates they were cousins.

Magruder, Infant
Dau of Wm & Elleaner
Nov 9, 1845

Magruder, Elleaner
Wife of Wm
Dec 8, 1845

Lakin, William H.
Son of Wm & Maria
March 17, 1848

McKee, Nancy
Wife of Daniel
April 7, 1849

McKee, Thomas
Son of Daniel & Nancy
Dec 19, 1852
9y 8m

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An incredible amount of time, love, sweat, and money went into taking all of these photographs. As such, they are our property. You may feel free to copy your relatives' headstones to your computer, that is why we posted them. If we find these photos showing up as part of a collection, not specific to YOUR family line, we will close the pages and only offer the photos as a cd to be purchased. Please use your morals and values when copying our work. Thanks!

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