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West Carlisle Cemetery
Pike Township, Coshocton, Ohio
Row Counting in from the road
Starting at the fence, walking up to the driveway
Starting at the driveway, walking down to fence

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West Carlisle Cemetery Home Page
Coshocton County Resource Page
West Carlisle Her Citizens and History
Early Land Patents - Pike and Perry Townships
West Carlisle Scrapbook - Old Photographs

Copyright Notice:
An incredible amount of time, love, sweat, and money went into taking all of these photographs. As such, they are our property. You may feel free to copy your relatives' headstones to your computer, that is why we posted them. If we find these photos showing up as part of a collection, not specific to YOUR family line, we will close the pages and only offer the photos as a cd to be purchased. Please use your morals and values when copying our work. Thanks!

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