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West Carlisle Cemetery
Pike Township, Coshocton, Ohio
Old Section - Row 12
Beginning at the driveway and walking down the hill toward the fenceline.

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Daugherty, Alexander
Son of Robert & Ann
January 11, 1862

Baughman, Nancy L.
Dau of S & M
Died ______, 1854

1830-40 Style Stone
Completely Illegible

Conaway, Mary
Wife of George Conaway
Died Jan. 12, 1835

Conaway, George
Died Sep. 15, 1839

Patton, James G.
Full Stone

Patton, James G.
Nov 12, 1858
M.C. Mitchell, Zanesville, O.

Patton, Mary
Wife of James
Jan 7, 1867
87y or 37y

Patton, Mary
Full Stone
Buried in ground

Patton, James
Feb. 1, 1856

Patton, Mary E.
Dau of S & E
May 28, 1849
__y, 1m, 2d

Patton, Melissa
Dau of Wm & Sarah
April 9, 1841
__y, __m, 28d

Day, Infant
In Memory of an
Infant son of
David & Elizabeth Day
Died Nov. 29, 1838

Day, David Jr
October 18, 1836

Day, Ferdinand
December 30, 1834

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An incredible amount of time, love, sweat, and money went into taking all of these photographs. As such, they are our property. You may feel free to copy your relatives' headstones to your computer, that is why we posted them. If we find these photos showing up as part of a collection, not specific to YOUR family line, we will close the pages and only offer the photos as a cd to be purchased. Please use your morals and values when copying our work. Thanks!

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