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West Carlisle Cemetery
Pike Township, Coshocton, Ohio
Row 13 Counting in from the rear
Starting at the fenceline walking up the hill to the driveway.

Click on headstone for full image.

Brown, Eleanor Maria
Dau of Wm & E
Oct 30, 1832

Top of Stone Only

Brown, John Alexander
Son of Wm & E
Died 1829
Broken in many pieces
in the ground

Lakin, William
June 28, 1849

Lyons, Wm. T.
Bottom half

Lyons, Wm T.
Son of John & Agnes
September 6,1851

McKee, Marian
Wife of James
Aug 16, 1867

Lakin, Geo. W.
Aug 27, 1849

Forker, Susan N.
Dau of Daniel & Juliann
Aug. 29, 1827

Forker, Daniel
April 9, 1879

Forker, Susan
Aug. 29, 1829
Forker, Edward
Oct. 2, 1829
Forker, Mary Ann
Aug 9, 1837
Children of D. & J. A. Forker

Forker, Julia Ann
Wife of Daniel
Nov 27, 1877

Crouch, Elizabeth
Dau of D & E
Aug 28, 1863

Crouch, Polly
Dau of D & E
Sept 22, 1865

Crouch, Elizabeth
Wife of Daniel M.
July 5, 1879

Crouch, Daniel M.
August 19, 1890

Our Mother and Father

Conway, Mary
Wife of George
Jan 12, 1835

Missing Stone
Conway, George
Sept 15, 1839

McKee, John G./C.
Son of Nancy & Wm
Nov 26, 1852

Cresap, Howard P.
Son of Tho E & ME
Oct 11, 18__
Date Buried

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An incredible amount of time, love, sweat, and money went into taking all of these photographs. As such, they are our property. You may feel free to copy your relatives' headstones to your computer, that is why we posted them. If we find these photos showing up as part of a collection, not specific to YOUR family line, we will close the pages and only offer the photos as a cd to be purchased. Please use your morals and values when copying our work. Thanks!

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