Pike Township
Coshocton County, Ohio

Welcome to the virtual West Carlisle Cemetery. We hope to preserve the rich heritage this cemetery holds and to document the weathered stones before they are all illegible. Like any other cemetery, it will take you a while to find your family. We have photographed 2/3 of the old section of the cemetery and are working diligently to upload them onto this site. It is going to take a very long time! We begin in the back of the cemetery (east side) and photograph row by row. The oldest headstones are in this section. When we figure a way to index this site, searching it will be easier. We thought of alphabetizing it, however, order of burial often lends insight to researchers in linking families. Headstones that are badly worn have been cross referenced with information from Coshocton County Ohio Cemeteries Pike Township, Indexed and prepared for publication by the Cemetery Committee, Coshocton Chapter, O.G.S., Virginia Fry Mencer, Chairperson. The work on this site is all original as you will note descrepancies in our work versus the OGS listings. Name spellings, dates and additional headstones vary from their work. We used their work only as a reference and in some cases, to fill in information that has worn away since the 1980's, as it was intended.

We wish to thank the Mikesell family for their hospitality, generousity and love.

This one's for you, Bob!

If you locate your ancestors in this cemetery, you may wish to contact the Pike Township Trustee, who can provide you with information on restoring/replacing worn stones. They also can set up a trust fund for your ancestors headstones to cover needed repairs as they arise over time. If you would like more information, please e-mail us: bonkel@buckeye-express.com You can also locate the name and number to contact the Township Trustee at Coshocton First Edition - List of Village Officials and Township Trustees (This link will take you to another website.)

On to the Cemetery:

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Those pages marked by an asterix (*) are not photographed to date. If you would like notified of when they are photographed, use the link below to contact us. Otherwise, keep checking back. We live 4 hours from West Carlisle, so it is a planned vacation we use to photograph and is generally every 6 months. Next visit Late October, 2002. Check back then! Thanks!

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